0x8007003 Error

Hello, for a few months, strange things started to happen on my computer. By strange things, I mean my browser was changing, it was closing. The computer was doing non-sense. Although I scanned it with a few different virus programs, it couldn’t find the virus as well. However, every time I restored the system, I got rid of this problem for a few days. But the result was always the same.

The same thing started happening again at noon today, but this time more severely, it didn’t allow me to do anything. When I tried to restore the system, I encountered an error and it restarted. While the computer was starting up (btw, my computer was Windows 7), it was giving a black screen and crashed. Although I tried many things, I couldn’t overcome this problem and decided to format. During the format, it gave the warning in the header, i.e. “0X8007003″ Error. Although I tried many different things, I couldn’t overcome this problem. I started researching on the internet about how we can do it. However, this problem usually appears when updating. I only encountered a few people who see it while performing format. From what I’ve read on these issues, I got the reply that the hard disk is out of life and begging to change it.

When I inserted the other HDD I had and started the format, I was able to install without encountering any problems. So, as you see, the cause of this error is your hard drive. And after replacing the hard disk, you can install without any problems.

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