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How To Make Seo Competitor Analysis?

It is fundamental to implement a strategic plan for SEO work. It is an important element to analyze the competitors in the sector to be worked in order to base a target-oriented plan upon solid basis. Competitor analysis plays an important role in detecting critical points. The gaps in the market occur as an opportunity in competition. Sectoral difference in the working area is one of the items that should be used as a base in competitor analysis. Seo’s success and walking for leadership depend on getting to know its competitors. Knowing the competitor is one of the first stages of development. Detailed analysis plays an important role in finding the deficiencies in the work and eliminating them.

The keywords in which the competitors are successful should be analyzed, the directions of the links should be looked at, and the richness level of the contents should be examined absolutely when providing analysis. These analyses allow to detect the methods of successful ones in current market. There are some certain steps to create a good competitor analysis.

Analysis Tools To Be Used

Tools to be used to analyze the competitor in Seo work include tools such as Ahrefs and SEMrush. These tools help to determine shortcomings and good sides of the competitor.

Determining Keyword In Competitor Analysis

Data obtained after analysis help to get information on competitors’ keyword successes. The success rate achieved in search engines can be understood. It becomes easier to pass the competitors in search engines with keywords created on the basis of numerical data. It is one of the steps that opens the doors of being different while helping to be more careful in Seo work.

Website Content Needs To Be Analyzed

It is necessary to determine the successful and unsuccessful aspects of competitors’ content creation and marketing strategies in order to produce a different and organic work compared to the current market. It should be looked at what the grounded topics of the published content are and how often these produced contents are published should be controlled. Content marketing links should be checked as well.

The quality of SEO keyword works in the content should be considered as another item that needs to be reviewed. Attention should be paid to the length or shortness of the headlines created. Concrete data of content word counts should be extracted. Attention should also be paid to the sub-tags in the image and the sub-tags in the content.

After the content analysis of competitor websites is provided, you should pay attention to place the content that will be created in seo work on the home page. This is one of the key points that will pave the way for getting success as a result of the work.

Another issue that will be a saver in competitor web site analysis is determining the bibliography of the content created. The knowledge level of these sources should be compared and the information quality should be measured. The level of the speed at which the content reaches the visitors is also as much important as creating content. It should be determined how quickly the competitor side provides the content to the visitors.


Performing a domain analysis is one of the ways that goes to success

It is one of the most important aspects to examine what the domain authority of the website is. A well-planned and successful SEO work provides benefit in the domain. Information is obtained about the detection of the words that the competitor has succeeded and how much work should be done within this field. Searching for the power of the domain (Turkish equivalent: alan adı) helps to see the strength of the website where seo work will be performed.

As a result of domain analysis, the way to be more successful than the competitor is to be organic. Also, competing with a highly authoritative website can create difficulties in a wide period of time. Researching for websites that are suitable for competition and acting that plan accordingly will help to rise systematically to the top of the search engine. As a result of the research, bright ideas should be put forward and a strategic and systematic work plan should be made for a unique work.

The design of the competitor website should be reviewed

Web site features are among the items that Internet users should pay attention to. Review of the competitor website should be carefully examined before starting seo work. There are seo tools available for this review. You should be objective while performing a review. In website analysis, features such as images, brands and logos should be examined in detail.

Analyzing the Strategies Implemented by Competitors Outside the Internet Network

Strategic promotion plans implemented outside the Internet network are among the items that increase the level of recognition. These channels can be magazines, newspapers and television channels. Analyzing how often and in which way the competitor uses these connections will be useful in the systematic work to be done. It provides information about how to use the connections that exist outside the Internet network and to be more successful than the competitor.

Analyzing the Competitor’s Social Network Usage Status

This method is one of the inevitable ways to attract visitors to the website. It is necessary to look at how often the advertisements made from these channels are published and to determine the level of popularity that the competitor side has in social networks. The way to be followed after the analysis should be added to the work.

Backlink analysis should be made in a detailed way

Being translated into Turkish as a “geri bağlantı”, this method is a saver in seo work. What are the backlinks of the competitor must be examined absolutely. Obtaining a concrete data of the competitor website’s backlink ratio will pave the way for catching link opportunities for the site in seo work. Seo tools provide analysis in this area.

Planning After Completed Analysis

Fundamentally, it is necessary to find the deficiencies as a result of the analysis. After analyzing competitor websites and getting information about their strategic methods, it is necessary to create a systematic and different plan. It is necessary to start the works from this point in order to move the ranking in search engines to higher levels and to create better content.

The first step should be creating a keyword list after analysis. In case there are previously created keywords, these keywords may need to be reviewed as well. This list created will plan the strategic aspect of the contents to be produced. In connection with the current topic, it is necessary to create a content that is semantically linked and coherent with each other using the main keywords in the content. This item is among the essential elements of a well-established seo work.

What to do in order to get a Backlink Domain?

You can get an idea of what can be done in order to get a backlink area after the competitor analysis is performed. Therefore, how to get backlinks should be investigated and a plan should be implemented in this direction after this stage. You can get backlink by establishing good links with different websites. If we need to re-express this, it means that different websites or blocks on the backlink Internet network are the guarantors of another website. Links and channels to vouch for can be find as a result of a good research. Good and quality returns can be obtained for the website by using these links.

You can get to the top in search engines by examining the competitor side and doing what can be done in this context in a formal way. The important thing is to provide a rich and quality work as a result of making a research on different topics. An organic, different and high quality work will pave the way for getting a good ranking in the search engine.


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